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We are One Family in Christ:

Abiding in God's Love and Inviting Others to Jesus


1. Abiding


Who We Are:  We are brought into a family with God through the gospel, and we abide in His love for us.

What We Do:  We gather together to worship God and abide in His love for us.


2. Forming


Who We Are:  We are a multi-ethic, multi-generational, and multi-language family in Christ.

What We Do:  We eat together, pray together, and value one another as part of God's family.


3. Growing


Who We Are:  We are dependent on God and His Word for growth.

What We Do:  We grow through small groups and Bible study.


4. Serving


Who We Are:  We are servants to God and others, since God has served us by sacrificing his son for us.

What We Do:  We serve others both in our neighborhoods and around the world.


5. Inviting


Who We Are:  We are part of God's family, sent out to invite others.

What We Do:  We invite others to respond to the gospel and become a part of God's family through fellowship activities.

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